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Asos asks YouTubers and students to design its 'coming of age' brand Collusion


By Rebecca Stewart | Trends Editor

September 6, 2018 | 5 min read

Asos has been working with influencers, including, stylists students and activists, for the year to build a fresh brand for "the coming of age" – Collusion.


Asos said the brand model sets out to be "constantly evolving"

Launching on 1 October, Asos has promised that the gender-fluid and affordable label will bring "something different" to the fashion industry.

The e-commerce giant worked with six unnamed young people including: a student; a stylists: an activist; an image-maker; an author and a YouTuber – each with their own online influence and diverse following to design the collection.

Asos said the brand model sets out to be "constantly evolving" and never fixed. It will be skewed towards Gen Z-ers, and Asos will recruit members of that demographic to keep the brand fresh.

The national launch campaign will feature 100 young people living in Britain who have turned, or will be turning, 18 years old this year. The everyday teens have been photographed against the backdrop of their hometowns in an environment that's "deeply authentic" to them.

As part of the campaign Asos has asked them: 'What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?'

The creative will be presented as a portrait, or visual census, of Britain's youth at a unique moment in time. It was produced by a team of British creatives led by director Dan Emmerson and photographer Tom Sloan.

Using an intended audience to help them build something new is something Boots also experimented with when it launched its own skincare brand Your Good Skin last year, for which it enlisted the help of 2,500 everyday women to build and act as brand ambassadors.

Asos has been reducing its marketing spend, but it's pumping more money into the likes of Instagram stories and its own app.

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