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Apply for an extension for The Drum Search Awards USA 2018

Apply for an extension for The Drum Search Awards USA 2018

If you've missed The Drum Search Awards USA deadline, there is no need to worry, you can still apply for an extension and have your work put in front of our all star judging panel.

The panel is made up of industry experts from Microsoft, Havas Media, Acronym, Distilled, Credo,DoubleClick Search, Shift6 and Situation.

When voting on the winners, founder of Credo, John Doherty will be looking for specific numbers around the results that you have achieved for your clients. He explained: "I highly value entrants being able to explain fully what they did and why they think it worked as well as what it meant to their client's business. We're here to build businesses, so let's celebrate the wins."

Vice president of media and analytics at Situation,Lisa Cecchini added: "It’s important to take a step back and make sure that you are using universal language in your write up. You want to ensure you don’t miss out due to too much insider language and the judges are unable to understand what you are communicating."

Concluding, managing partner of Shift, Lexi Mills said: "Entering awards is a great way to build team morale being at the top of your game and in a position to win an award is a testament to client relations, teamwork and the bravery of team members to try new things.

"To communicate gratitude for a teams skills internally is valuable but to receive the acknowledgement from a board of professionals not connected to the business can increase this tenfold alongside generating new business leads any company looking to achieve this should be considering entering the awards."

The deadline for the awards has passed but you can still enter by applying for an extension. Please contact the awards manager, Courtney Johnson for more details.

Sponsor of the awards are Sempo

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