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Over 70% of users would choose Google over Baidu if search giant reenters China


By Danielle Long | Acting APAC Editor

August 27, 2018 | 2 min read

Chinese internet users are likely to choose Google over Baidu if the global tech giant returns to China, according to a poll.

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Google could find success in China second-time around according to poll

A poll conducted on Weibo asked users which search platform they would select if Google returned to China, with 72.8% voting for Google, according to a report by China Internet Watch.

The poll follows recent reports that Google is working on a censored mobile search app that would allow it to reenter the Chinese market.

The news also follows the search giant’s launch of a WeChat Mini Program in July and Google launched Google Translate in China last year.

Speculation is rife about Google’s plans to re-enter the China market, following a flurry of activity including its strategic partnership with and licensing agreement with Tencent.

Currently, Google’s search, Gmail, and its app store are blocked in China over censorship issues.

Google pulled out of China in 2010 citing censorship issues, however, the search giant had also struggled to challenge Chinese search giant Baidu.

Baidu CEO and chairman Robin Li Yanhong has said the company would welcome the challenge from Google, “If Google wants to come back, we can take them on with all our might and win again”, according to a report in Quartz.

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