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Original Soupman from Seinfeld urges people to ‘just try it’ in ‘Soup for All’ campaign

For Seinfeld fans, the phrase “No soup for you!” will live forever. But for the makers of the actual soup based on the character cringingly known as the ‘Soup Nazi’, that phrase is being dropped for a less harsh approach.

The Original Soupman, the maker of artisanal soups since 1984, has introduced a campaign called ‘Just Try It,’ showing a still-stern but more welcoming Soupman. The comical new commercials feature Larry Thomas as ‘The Soupman,’ reprising his role for a new generation.

In the commercials, the Soupman recruits ‘The Publicist', played by Brandon Joyner, to help him achieve his new goal: to share his famous soups with the masses. The odd couple was introduced in a series of teaser videos, one explaining their pairing and another explaining why the Soupman is “back” and why he has been misunderstood all these years.

The ‘Just Try It’ campaign will feature the pair in a series of spots set to debut in late-August and run through December 2018. The first shows the Soupman shouting at the publicist that they have to find some way to get people to just try his soups. The hapless publicist sets up a makeshift soup stand outside, right next to a little girl’s lemonade stand.

The standoff between the two business people comically escalates, with the Soupman asking people, including the girl, to “just try it.” In the end, they both end up satisfied with the results.

“I have taken on a new ‘Just Try It’ approach to ensure I can offer ‘Soup For All!’” quipped Thomas in a release, as the Soupman. “Once people taste my soups, I know they will be hooked. An entire new generation of Hulu subscribers have recently been introduced to my character and they must now be introduced to this liquid gold.

"However, if they don’t want to follow my rules, it will still be ‘No Soup For You!’” he joked.

“This campaign adds humor and new life to The Soupman. This series is the start of engaging content that our audience will love and continue to make part of their lives,” said Sherry Greenberg, founder and creative director of Digital.Mobile.Social.

“The Original Soupman has a loyal fan base with impressive repeat purchasing habits and brand engagement. Our campaign is designed to create awareness that we are on-shelf and online because we know that once customers ‘just try’ our soups, they will become clients”, added Joseph Hagan, president of Gallant Brands, Inc., the parent company of The Original Soupman.

The videos will air on The Original Soupman’s YouTube page, across all branded social media channels and on the Original Soupman website.

In 2017 the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy court protection, just weeks after its chief financial officer was indicted on federal tax evasion charges. It is now under new ownership.

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