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US Creative Work of the Week: Maserati drives through Ontario playing tourist

Maserati's The Grand Tourists named the US Creative Work of the Week

Maserati decided to take its new SUV on a tour of global cities, all without leaving the Canadian province of Ontario, in its ‘The Grand Tourists’ campaign.

The Italian carmaker partnered with Toronto-based agency LP/AD for the digital content series being broadcast on IGTV. In the digital shorts, four millennial bloggers take a road trip in the Levante S to many of the towns in the province named after bigger, more metropolitan global cities and countries.

Subtitled ‘An Italian story. A global icon.’, the campaign shows the long-distance and unique places that can be experienced in the Maserati. Promoting the driving dynamics of a gran turismo sport car embedded into Maserati’s new SUV, the social influencers take the car on a grand tour of towns like Moscow, Paris and Delhi, seeing the Canadian countryside along the way.

Creatively devised by LP/AD, the campaign utilizes social assets rolled out across IGTV, showcasing the SUV’s on-road drivability with off-road capabilities and leather-clad comfort.

The campaign was voted the US (er, Canadian) Work of the Week by The Drum’s readers for its ability to show young people driving the luxury performance car, and showcasing the fun one can have getting to destinations that sound fun on a map.

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