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Ads We Like: Plus Supermarket addresses Syrian refugee crisis in a mouth-watering film

In a world shackled by borders, the topic of diaspora often gives rise to contention. However Plus Supermarket has used its latest campaign to tackle the Syrian refugee crisis in a heartwarming and original way – dissolving boundaries with help from 'The Universal Language of Food'.

Created by J Walter Thompson Amsterdam, the film follows a young refugee called Ismail as he navigates a new culture that is alien to him.

As he tries to dodge the anxiety that comes with attending the first day of school in a foreign country, Ismali befriends a local boy called Lucas. Although they don't speak the same tongue, together they find common ground to communicate: food.

Throughout the film, the boys embark on a culinary journey of true Dutch delicacies, and as they gobble pickled herrings and devour toasted cheese and ham sandwiches, the film succeeds in capturing the essential importance of sharing and trying new things, no matter the background.

The inherent connection between food and culture was something that Bas Korsten, creative partner at JWT Amsterdam wished to explore in the campaign.

Discussing the film, Korsten said: “Food has the power to bring people together. Even when they can’t speak the same language. This was what we wanted to portray in a genuine and thoughtful way with our new film for Plus Supermarket.”

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