Coca-Cola unifies original and zero sugar packaging

Coca-Cola has unified the packaging design of its zero sugar variant with the full sugar original drink in a bid to encourage more people to give the healthier option a try.

Ditching the black look of old Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has instead settled on its Mother brand's iconic red hue to tempt more consumers to make the leap.

Coke is ramming home the message with a £5m television campaign called 'One Way or Another' and distributing seven million cans as part of a sampling campaign.

Each variant will now be distinguished by different coloured caps to negate consumer confusion.

Alec Mellor, Coca-Cola marketing manager said: “For more than 130 years, the colour red has been associated with the great taste and experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola and we want to make it even clearer that you can have that taste and experience with or without sugar. Sales of Coca-Cola zero sugar have almost doubled in the last two years[3] and we believe this latest change will help us grow it even further and encourage more people to give it a try.”

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was launched in 2016 and now comprises 58% of the total volume of Coca-Cola sold in the UK amid flagging sales of the original, a response to growing concern at rising rates of obesity which have sparked the introduction of a sugar tax.

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