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Media Bounty takes it to the bridge(s) to help protect Ecuadorian forest land

Forest land in Ecuador is under threat from illegal logging and uncontrolled mining.

A team from Media Bounty are planning a trek across the bridges of London in a fundraising drive to help protect threatened forest land in Ecuador.

The agency has supported international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT) for the past decade, which works with local NGOs across the globe to protect biologically important and critically threatened habitat, acre-by-acre. WLT currently supports projects in more than 20 countries, including Belize, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Malaysia, Mexico and Paraguay.

Emma Tozer, operations and HR director at Media Bounty, said: “We are currently supporting a project in the picturesque Nangaritza Valley in southern Ecuador through WLT and their local project partner, NCE Ecuador. It's the last remaining extensive expanse of forest connecting the Andes with the Amazon basin in Peru, and is home to jaguar, mountain tapir, spectacled bear and many rare frogs and birds, as well as the Shuar indigenous tribe.

“It's now critically threatened by illegal logging and uncontrolled mining. But there, you can still buy an acre of land and protect it in perpetuity for just a couple of hundred pounds, so even relatively modest donations can make a huge difference.”

The trek is scheduled for the 8 September and the team is hoping to raise a target of £2000. Donations can be made via Media Bounty’s JustGiving page.

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