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Ads We Like: Twitter’s #DontBelieveEveryTweet shows off platform's funny side — except it’s fake


By Bennett Bennett | Staff writer

August 20, 2018 | 3 min read

Twitter seemed to launch a new brand campaign to address its lack of a stance on recent issues such as fake news and its resistance to block bigoted behavior of popular users.

Don't Believe Every Tweet

Twitter launches a campaign to take on fake news, except it's been revealed that it's all a fake. / Not Twitter

Called #DontBelieveEveryTweet, the Twitter-branded campaign launched with a landing page, and a supposed letter from its founder Jack Dorsey, plus a series of videos that take aim at the prevalence of misinformation on the site.

The Dorsey-signed letter adds: “In in order for [Twitter] to work right, people can’t get sucked into all the fake news and conspiracy theories so many of our users (especially Russian bots) post.

“That’s why we’re very excited to announce the launch of our new #dontbelieveeverytweet campaign. It’s a simple reminder to be skeptical of everything you see on Twitter because our users can put literally anything in a tweet.”

The letter on the landing page also revealed that Twitter would air its six spots on Fox News “in the next few days because duh.”

However, an article from The Verge confirmed that the “left-leaning” social platform had not actually created the professionally-made campaign page and assets. This comes off a potential missed opportunity for the site, as these videos seem to take an honest look at how fake news can spread — even if it's all just a parody.

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