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Born Free uses World Elephant Day to highlight poaching crisis in Africa

With one elephant killed in Africa every 25 minutes, Born Free has turned to WCRS to raise awareness that if this continues, there will be no more elephants in the wild within two decades.

Launched to coincide with World Elephant Day, executions across OOH and social aim to not only raise awareness but also to drive people to donate to Born Free in order to fund anti-poaching patrols and elephant research in Africa.

Shot by photographer George Logan, the sheer number of elephants being killed is represented in the OOH creative by a long line of elephants marching to their death, with a poacher taking aim at the front of the line. For social, an animation of an elephant in an hourglass represents the passing of time.

“In a time of sensory overload where news and images come at all angles. it is hard to take your mark,” explained Will Travers OBE, Born Free’s co-founder and president.

“However, the extraordinary ’55 elephants and man with gun’ image has done just that. An extraordinary concept. An extraordinary outcome.”

WCRS creative director and head of art, Grant Parker, added: “Born Free is a client that is doing such significant and vital work. It has been hugely humbling to be able to help them raise awareness on such an important issue. And to know that the work we’ve created has had tangible results is very rewarding. Finally, my 6-year-old will understand what I did at work today.”

So far, the work has generated over £3,300 in donations as well as 20 elephant family adoptions.

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