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Unsung Heroes - the art director: Peamthakorn Phancharoensin, Iris


By Shawn Lim, Reporter, Asia Pacific

August 16, 2018 | 6 min read

The Drum's 'Unsung Heroes' series is a celebration of the people in the industry who slog hard behind the limelight for their companies, brands and clients. As they are seldom in the spotlight for their contribution to the success of campaigns, this is their time to shine.


Peamthakorn Phancharoensin is a junior art director at Iris in Thailand.

A junior art director at Iris in Thailand, Peamthakorn Phancharoensin's love for creativity knows no bounds. She sees similarity in the work she does for her clients as 'the delicious food a good chef would cook', wishing she has more time on her hands to create the perfect work.

Why is your job important?

Although all communication is done in just a short period of time, creativity is something memorable with its ability to capture peoples’ feelings. No matter what the brief is, we will need to deliver the assets that best fit various channels and platforms; to most efficiently portray the communication message to the audience.

I believe that all the work I have done can change the world to be a better place, by improving the perception and behaviour of the audience.

Creativity is new, challenging and fun. It makes me feel loved and fascinated by my work. I feel like a chef, cooking all the ingredients together. If I’m a good chef, whatever it is, I will make it taste delicious.

What is the hardest and stressful part of your job?

Maybe it's because I'm taking on a lot of responsibilities now, but making time is probably the hardest thing for me. Whether it's a small or a big project, every project is equally important to me.

When it goes through my mind, I want to make it as good as possible. Actually, this pushes me to develop myself continually. Having effective time management will improve the quality of my work, and will also allow to bring out the best in me.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I like to see my vision and thoughts come to fruition. I also value any coverage of my projects, whether they receive criticism or praise. I appreciate it when I get feedback on what I have done well, what I lack or what I should improve on.

I believe that exposure to these things will further contribute to my self-development.

First thing that comes to people’s minds when you tell them your job?

Most people understand that I'm running advertising works as a director. But they often do not know what my actual scope of work consists of. They will usually ask if I ever see any actors/actresses. (Lol)

How would you correct/explain to them what you do then?

An art director typically oversees the work of other designers and artists who produce images for advertisements.

I determine the overall style and tone desired for each project and articulate my vision to artists who submit these images, be it illustrations, graphics, photographs, charts and graphs, or stage and movie sets.

Is there anything you want to change in your job?

I would like to have more time to get creative or be able to spend more time on my work. Now I'm like a clock, with the needle running around constantly.

When I finish something, I will have something else waiting for me. Just like a clock that does not stop. If there is a chance to spend a little more time with each project, that would be great.

Who is someone you want to emulate in your industry?

I am new to this industry, so I do not know or have worked with many people.

However, I have a movie that inspired me to create something, due to the profound meaning it has. Fight Club is a movie from 1999 that first made me interested in the subject of Semiotic design. This movie fascinated me so much that I spent almost a week watching this movie thoroughly.

I stopped almost every second in order to analyze and retain the details in each scene, in terms of design. The ingeniousness of hiding symbols in each part of the movie are all very meaningful. David Fincher inspires me to be a thinker who can create something that brings people to many depths and dimensions.

If you weren’t an art director, what would you be?

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was young. I believe that knowledge is the best thing I can give someone. I think we are all like trees and knowledge is like water and sun – trees won’t grow without water and sun, and likewise, we cannot grow without knowledge.

If you think of someone who deserves to be part of this series, please get in touch with Shawn Lim and nominate them. You can read the previous feature on the the the Saturday Night Live film editor, here.

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