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Easyjet sues Latin American airlines Easy Sky and Easyfly for ‘brand theft’

Easyjet sues Latin American airlines Easy Sky and Easyfly for ‘brand theft’

Budget airline Easyjet has come down hard on two Latin American upstarts; Easy Sky and Easyfly, accusing the carriers of ‘brand theft’ owing to their adoption of its ‘easy’ moniker.

A High Court order served against Honduran airline Easy Sky and its Mexican owner Global Air demands that the carrier from using the ‘easy’ prefix in any of its branding, social media or domain names.

Similar court action is expected against Columbian-base Easyfly which has been operating from its base in Bogota since 2007 but has only recently entered Easyjet’s airspace after registering double-digit traffic and revenue growth in the booming South American aviation sector.

An Easygroup spokesman said: “As you would expect, it has caused some customers to presume that it is associated with Easyjet. This company is nothing to do with the Easy family of brands and is regarded as a ‘brand thief’.”

Easygroup is spending £1m a year pursuing such ‘brand thieves’ around the world having already grounded India’s Easyair and Bangladesh-based cargo business Easyfly-express. Closer to home Easygroup sued a French businessman behind the Easyroommate brand.

Easyjet has itself branched out with its own Easyfoodstore and Easyhotel businesses.

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