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Ads We Like: Pepsi plays outdoors in Colombia as logo transforms into sports activities

Pepsi Light goes outdoors in Colombian campaign

The Pepsi logo has enough curves to invite people to think that the brand is perfect for refreshment on the water or while doing outdoor activities. That was the inspiration behind an outdoor campaign for Pepsi Light by Sancho BBDO in Colombia.

In their creative hands, the red, white and blue swirls of the soft drink represent movement and being active, so they transformed the iconic design into freeing activities, like parachuting, windsurfing, skiing, kayaking and diving.

Sancho BBDO played with the logo and wanted to turn it into a campaign that invited people to go out, move and be more active. By making a small twist to the logo, the shapes became waves, mountains, parachutes and sails.

Daniel Álvarez, executive creative director for Pepsi at Sancho BBDO, stated: "Throughout its history, Pepsi Light has highlighted curves; those linear figures that, at least conceptually, established the light spirit of our drink: thin, curvy women who freshened themselves with zero sugar and zero calories. We turned the logo curves into a sports activity that invites people to feel light, where the curves that we have seen and strengthened for more than 125 years, go from the aesthetic to something really meaningful".

The changes are subtle. The eye is drawn in by the classic curves, but look closely and see the silhouette of a windsurfer grabbing hold of the white stripe like a sail, with the blue stripe acting as the wave he rides. On another, a skier is seen tucking down the blue stripe as the white acts as snow, the speed gathering as the red of the sky becomes sunshine.

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