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The Drum

Trump tweets Harley-Davidson boycott backing in escalating tariff row

Trump tweets Harley-Davidson boycott backing in escalating tariff row

Donald Trump has come out fighting against US icon Harley-Davidson after tweeting his backing for a boycott of the brand amidst escalating tariff tensions.

The row emanates from a decision by the president to impose tariffs on the import of steel and aluminium imports which have in turn sparked retaliatory tariffs in Europe and China, prompting Harley-Davidson to say it would consider relocating some production beyond American borders to circumvent retaliation.

Trump reacted angrily to this decision, warning that he was prepared to levy punitive taxes against Harley-Davidson if it went ahead with its offshore shift.

Harley-Davidson has borne the brunt of international blowback from Trump’s tariff tirade, warning that its profit margins are likely to halve on the back of additional costs of up to $50m due to EU tariffs and high aluminium and steel prices.

It has yet to confirm when or if it will go-ahead with the move although it already operates assembly plants in Australia, Brazil, India and Thailand.

Trump's controversial policies have sparked a backlash from brands such as Airbnb, which spent $100k promoting listings in countries labeled as 'shitholes' by the president.