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Oreo looks out for dexterity diversity in packaging run to support left handers

Left-handers get love from Oreo in limited edition packaging / Oreo

For International Left-Handers Day (August 13), Oreo has released a limited run of “left-handed” packs of Oreo cookies.

To accommodate those who do most things with their left hand and leave smudges when they write on paper, the Mondelez brand has given them a chance to receive a package that opens on the right side of packaging (v left side, where it normally is).

As part of this stunt, Oreo has sent its first batch to Left Hand, West Virginia — an actual town made up of a majority of southpaws.

The company said in a statement: “Knowing that lefties are often overlooked in everyday activities, this is our way of celebrating them and helping to make their lives just a little sweeter. Left-handers will finally be able to open a pack of Oreo cookies their way – the “left” way!”

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