Ads We Like: ‘cut-out and keep’ sanitary towel underscores the reality of period poverty

Social enterprise Hey Girls UK has printed a DIY sanitary towel in this morning’s newspapers to highlight the grim options available to young girls who cannot afford sanitary items.

The double-sided ad has been designed to capture the attention of readers with a cut-out outline of a sanitary towel, with ‘fold’ printed on its wings.

Those that turn the page, however, are presented with a stark fact: ‘One in 10 girls in the UK can’t afford sanitary products. Every month they’re forced to use loo roll, socks, or even a newspaper.’

The copy also features a call to action – for every box of Hey Girls sanitary towels purchased, the organisation donates a pack to girls in period poverty.

Created by Adam&Eve/DDB, the ad coincides with the launch of Hey Girls products in Waitrose and Asda. Media was handled by The7Stars.

Celia Hodson, founder of Hey Girls, said: “The lack of appropriate menstrual protection has an impact on school attendance, participation in sports and self-esteem. Getting Hey Girls period products in front of supermarket customers lifts the lid on period poverty and showcases ways in which consumers can make a difference through their purchasing power, every month.”

Mat Goff, chief executive of Adam&Eve/DDB, added: “Period poverty is a degrading inequality which sees girls right here in the UK left to improvise. When we met Celia and the team at Hey Girls we knew we wanted to get involved and help shine a light on their social enterprise approach to ending period poverty in the UK.”

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