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Trump holds vote on Space Force logo as Maga merch becomes old hat

Logo suggestions for Donald Trump's Space Force.

President Donald Trump is determined to escalate conflict beyond our pale blue dot - space demilitarization treaties be damned - with the supposed creation of a new wing of the US military - the Space Force. And the Trump campaign for 2020 is keen to engage the US public in the initiative by allowing them to vote on its branding.

Trump has repeatedly clarified his desire that his nation be unsurpassed in space supremacy, and he is willing to ignore the 1967 Outer Space treaty and the 1979 Moon treaty to do so.

Trump’s 2020 campaign team has engaged in an unusually democratic effort to ask the public to select the new military logo. It is likely an effort to fund the 2020 campaign, with space force branding pushed as a replacement for now-outdated Maga merchandise.

Followers were emailed: "President Trump wants a SPACE FORCE - a groundbreaking endeavour for the future of America and the final frontier. As a way to celebrate President Trump's huge announcement, our campaign will be selling a new line of gear."

Six logos have been lined up for supporters to vote on. One of them promises voters that 'Mars Awaits'. It has been suggested that one logo (top left) has been granted a gold rim of Trump's extravagant hairline.

The Jimmy Kimmel show has already mocked the initiative.

It was not long before the public started to exercise its right to free speech to suggest some new logos.