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Movember turns to Instagram TV for emotional prostate cancer docu-series

Movember promote men’s health issues via Instagram IGTV docu-series

The Movember Foundation has produced its first ever documentary series as a tool for the men’s health charity to raise awareness of those living with prostate and testicular cancer – and it's debuting it on Instagram TV (IGTV).

Running exclusively on the newly-launched service, the intimate series draws a portrait of men with the condition as well as those who have overcome it by relating their personal experiences to a wider audience.

The first video tells the story of Alonzo, portraying an honest depiction of how he has coped with side effects such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction relating to his treatment for prostate cancer.

Jon Akerman, Movember Foundation global digital director, said: “With Instagram’s launch of IGTV to share longer-form content. It is the ideal platform to tell more emotional, engaging stories that can connect with and help others.”

It is believed that 5.6m men worldwide have been diagnosed with prostate cancer while a further with a further 330,000 men living with, or beaten, testicular cancer. Survival rates for both conditions have improved but this has in turn left patients dealing with potentially life-altering side effects which can impact everything from your sex life and relationships to mental health.

Last year Movember paired with NewsUk and Sky Media to curb high death rates among young men.

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