US Creative Work of the Week: Krylon spray paints vivid DIY social videos

People love how-to videos, and with the DIY trend continually picking up steam, Krylon’s simple-yet-vivid social spots seem to have hit the sweet spot with The Drum readers.

In Krylon’s digital and social-focused campaign by Mono, eight social videos offer a simple, visual how-to approach to helping people understand the ease of using spray paint to transform objects like shabby side tables and dated home decor with just a can or two of spray paint.

In upbeat videos, we can see that a can of green spray paint can turn a dingy tackle box into one fisher folk would be proud to take to the lake. In another, several people rhyme their way into saying that a quick spray can save everything from lamps to grills, wine stands to dressers.

The campaign includes digital video and banners, social video and the website, dedicated to helping people move from inspiration to action.

For its DIY simplicity, The Drum’s readers voted this colorful campaign the US Creative Work of the Week.

See the spots by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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