‘Earned media is becoming increasingly visual’: Cision purchases image analytics platform ShareIQ

Cision announced the purchase of technical assets of Berlin-based company ShareIQ for its communications cloud.

ShareIQ’s platform reportedly discovers, analyzes and indexes original pieces of visual content, as well as shared and republished copies of specific images. The addition of the platform is an attempt by Cision to analyze brand images and logos independent of text and hashtags across social, web and digital channels.

The platform has worked by mapping the history and path of each image to determine reach, engagement, and who shares the content. Additionally, it has provided the ability to create custom audiences of individuals who have engaged with the content, whether imagery has been generated by a brand, by an influencer, or is a piece of user-generated content.

The company issued a release, saying: “With the addition of ShareIQ technology to the Cision Communications Cloud, Cision becomes the first earned media platform in the industry to monitor, analyze and attribute value to both text and visual content.”

Kevin Akeroyd said in that statement: “ShareIQ is the latest of our carefully curated technology acquisitions designed to make the Cision Comms Cloud the most robust in the industry – and the first to provide comms professionals with a way to harness the true business impact of the visual content market."

More than three billion images get uploaded to the web each day and with over 95m images that end up posted to social channels, Akeroyd claimed: “Earned media is becoming increasingly visual.”

Cision has also brokered partnerships with Liveramp and Mediamath in recent months, which has allowed ShareIQ data can be used in conjunction with the data provided from the two firms.