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American Family Insurance brings heart to insurance with touching family stories

American Family Insurance has launched the newest phase of its ‘Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly’ campaign, and it gives a good case of the feels as it tells heartwarming family stories to demonstrate that everyone’s dream is worth protecting.

The campaign, created by BBDO New York, features an anthemic spot as well as two long-form films that drive home the point that American Family provides the freedom so people can pursue their dreams, or even someone else's.

In one film, ‘Road Trip,’ a man is seen driving in a mountainous area, getting lost, sleeping in his car and eventually having to hike up a steep rock face to uncover a sprawling vista. After we see him video chatting with his sister, we realize that he is fulfilling his sister's dreams – she is battling cancer in the hospital – by embarking on a road trip to visit places on her bucket list.

A second spot, ‘Farm Son,’ looks at the universal tension that comes with a child venturing far from home to pursue his dream, and a parent's hesitation to let them go. A farmer does chores with his son, but then asks why he needs to go abroad to help others farm when he could be helping at home. When we think the older man isn’t going to give his son a sendoff, the son looks down as he flies over the farm, with the word ‘proud’ mowed into the field.

The anthem spot, ‘This Dream,’ brings to life American Family’s belief that they don’t protect things, they protect dreams, and what it takes to make dreams a reality is exactly what it takes to protect them – hard work, dedication and the right support. It cuts between a diverse set of people doing everything from learning on computers to changing their infant child to playing drums to welding. The voice over states: “This all began as someone’s dream – this book, these bubbles, this meal, this land, this color, this cure…” before it says that American Family is there to protect all those dreams.

While the films could have gone too emotional, they instead get to the heart of the stories and those featured, using insurance as a softer sell at the end. Additional films will continue to roll out throughout the year.

This is the latest in a series of optimistic stories told by the brand, following the 2016 'Dad Insurance' and last year’s 'Duet' featuring Jennifer Hudson.

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