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Changi Airport installs interactive butterflies for 'Luck is Everywhere' campaign

Singapore's Changi Airport has unveiled an interactive butterfly display for its annual “Be A Changi Millionaire” shopping promotion.

The campaign 'Luck is Everywhere' conceptualised by Ogilvy Singapore features a butterfly installation built with sturdy yet light materials to ensure that their movements are as lifelike as possible”.

The remote-controlled kites flying around Terminal Three resemble butterfly species Diaethria Anna have number '88' engraved on them which is a symbol of prosperity and luck in Asia.

Melvyn Lim, co-chief creative officer, Ogilvy Singapore said, “We wanted to create a visual spectacle at the airport that would bring joy to travellers while reminding them of the ongoing “Be a Changi Millionaire” campaign. This display is particularly exciting because it marks the first time that animatronics has been deployed at Changi Airport.”

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