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Ads We Like: Guinness Asia’s liquid ballet evokes the spectacle of Surfer

Guinness’ latest ad for the Asian market is a choreographed evocation of its acclaimed 1999 spot Surfer. But instead of horses representing invigoration, dancers characterise the smoothness of the stout.

Choreographer Supple Nam directed the ad’s dancers, who are first seen falling as if having been freshly ‘poured’. Constantly twisting into elaborate forms, they hit the pint’s floor and rise again, lifting those in white back to the surface.

Footage of the dance is sharply cut with close shots of a Guinness being poured.

The performers finally float into the unmistakable shape of a pint of Guinness, with the dancers dressed in white representing the drink’s famous head. Their cylindrical shape fades into a jar on a bar, as the line reads: ‘Smooth, creamy and perfectly balanced’.

The film was created by London’s AMV BBDO and directed by Riff Raff duo In/Out. It forms part of the brand’s 'Made of More' brand platform and will run for six months on TV and online in Korea, China and Singapore.

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