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Stash taps Baddie Winkle to help millennials live their best lives by saving money

According to consumer investing app, Stash, two-thirds of millennials aren’t saving enough money for the future, so the company decided to enlist 90-year-old Instagram star Baddie Winkle to encourage them to save.

Stash, a fast-growing consumer investing apps, and Instagram’s favorite grandmother, Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, known as Baddie Winkle to her 3.7 million followers, just rolled out a brand new cross-platform campaign that spans social ads, interactive landing pages, Brooklyn murals and more — all in the hopes of encouraging millennials to “retire like a Baddie” and invest in their futures.

For many millennials, they may not save because they have a hard time envisioning their life so far down the line, creating a major disconnect when it comes to financial planning. With Winkle, they can see that “living your best life” at any age can stretch well into their 80s and 90s.

In the out of home campaign, the flamboyant and always cheerful Winkle is seen in murals lounging in a rainbow bathing suit with drink in hand, with the accompanying phrase, “Live your best life your whole life.”

In the social videos, the straight-talking Winkle states, “There’s no age limit to having fun” while Stash reminds people “Invest in a fabulous future.” She also tells people that it’s great to dream big or small, so long as you dream of a good future for yourself. Winkle is proof of living a long and happy life and Stash hopes that inspires others to use the apps.

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