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Mission Impossible: Fallout gets moviegoers behind the scenes through 360° VR ad

Paramount Pictures launched a 360° VR advertising campaign to help promote the upcoming film Mission Impossible: Fallout.

With the help of virtual reality ad platform Omnivirt, Paramount distributed a series of banner ads that, with a click, turn into full 360° video experiences. The video ad gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at Tom Cruise as his superspy character Ethan Hunt pilots a helicopter through narrow passageways and provides commentary on the experience with the film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie.

As expected from a movie known for its extreme-risk maneuvers, Cruise says in one scene, “No please, do not try this at home."

In a statement, Omnivirt claimed that marketers have found 360-degree VR marketing adds experiential storytelling to their marketing toolkit

Omnivirt chief executive Brad Phaisan said in a statement: “We continue to see top-tier film studios use 360° VR in their marketing efforts to help bring their story alive. For the Mission: Impossible campaign, bringing viewers behind the scenes to see how stunts are performed using 360° video makes for a visceral, exciting experience.”

OmniVirt has also worked with a group of brands that includes as Toyota, Clorox, Samsung, Chevron, Universal Pictures and Johnnie Walker and for publishers including the New York Times, AOL, Wall Street Journal, Vice Media, and Discovery, among others.

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