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SweeTarts enlists influencers to help to promote new gummies in social campaign

SweeTarts launches social and influencer campaign

Popular candy brand SweeTarts recently got into the gummies game, with 49 new candy shapes, and it teamed with Portland-based creative agency Swift to develop a vibrant campaign, sourcing influencers and executing a @SweeTartsCandy Instagram takeover to tell the story.

The multi-hued campaign continues with new influencer content going live through the summer. SweeTarts initially tapped into social trends, emoji and popular pursuits to determine the shape assortment. The playful choices (camper van, turntable, coffee cup) are part of the ‘Endless Variety, Endless Yum’ campaign. Swift sourced influencers whose interests, style and expertise aligned with the various passions the SweeTarts Gummies shapes represent, from fashion, music and art, to action sports, gaming and travel.

SweeTarts Gummies include a sweet and sour mélange of colors, shapes and flavors, like green kazoos and blue rockets, purple scooters and a red game controllers – each bag is different.

Nine influencers including Tara Milk Tea (Instagram), Alyson Stoner (YouTube) and Shonduras (YouTube) were commissioned to create posts on their chosen channels that link their obsessions with SweeTarts Gummies shapes. Influencers have also made content to promote a contest for fans to create a new gummy shape that will appear in future packages. The ‘Search for the Next Gummy Shape’ runs through July 22.

For branded content, Swift set a color palette based on the candies and executed an @SweeTartsCandy Instagram takeover to tell the story of each of the 49 shapes. As Instagram recently introduced the ability to follow hashtags in addition to accounts, it allowed SweeTarts to widen its audience through a hashtag strategy that leverages interests relevant to the Gummies shapes. Swift brought the brand onto Instagram Stories as well, gamifying the function with a fortune-telling/jackpot experience, that spins the wheel to highlight a different flavor.

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