Google increases presence in China with AI game on WeChat

Google has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) game on WeChat, as the company slowly increases its presence in China.

The Google game has launched as a 'mini program', which is a branded app platform that operates within WeChat. Called 猜画小歌, which translates to Guess My Sketch, the game is similar to Draw Something with players partnering with Google’s AI technology, according to TechCrunch.

It marks the latest move by Google to re-enter the China market (Google pulled out of China in 2010) where most of its products including search, Gmail, and its app store are blocked over censorship issues.

However, recent moves suggest the tech giant is slowly building its presence in the market after launching a strategic partnership with e-commerce giant, which saw Google invest $550m in cash in the Chinese company.

The search giant also signed a patent cross-licensing agreement with Tencent in January in a bid to bolster its presence. Google launched its Google Translate app in China last year and recently added a file management app to local Chinese app stores.

Google also has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and an AI lab in Beijing.

However, despite the company's increased presence in China, it is unlikely Chinese authorities will relax their position on the company’s search products in the near future.