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Ads We Like: Cazar DDB sketches in ideas from Shutterstock photos to spark and ‘rescue’ creativity

Shutterstock's sketch poster campaign

Creatives and media alike utilize the stock photography from Shutterstock on a daily basis to highlight and enhance their work, but a new print campaign from Cazar DDB in the Dominican Republic is helping those creatives realize that they can go beyond the photo.

The poster campaign features three scenarios where a stock photo is the catalyst for an entire scene, which is sketched out below and around the original image. The Shutterstock crosshairs are still visible in the three photos, while the drama unfolds below. Each one represents situations in which the protagonist is in danger and Shutterstock saves them with its great variety of images.

In ‘Castaway,’ the photo of an inflatable motorized boat is floating on an ocean. In the sketch, the ocean is continued and we see a man clinging to a few boards as the fins of sharks are seen closing in.

In ‘Desert,’ the photo is of an oasis in the middle of a sandy desert. The sketch pans out to show that a disheveled, parched man is crawling towards it as vultures circle overhead.

In ‘Waterfall,’ a rescue helicopter is hovering with a rope ladder dangling underneath. In the sketch, we see a typical cartoon setting of a man canoeing far too close to a precipitous cliff, without a paddle, of course. He waves his hands as if to be rescued.

The simplicity of the photos shows how easy solutions are for each one of the problems agencies face on a day-to-day, and how Shutterstock photos can be just the start of a creative campaign.

The posters exist with and without tags. The tagged photos refer back to the company, stating: “Over 213 million royalty free images to your rescue.”

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