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Cyclist Peter Sagan races a grandmother in Specialized electric bike ad

Peter Sagan is currently sprinting to the front of the pack at the Tour de France, but his toughest race may have been the one he filmed for a commercial for bike brand Specialized in San Francisco.

The three-time world champion cycling star, who is sponsored by the company, is seen in the spot lining up at the start of a hill climb in San Francisco against Grandma Joan, an 81-year-old woman on the third generation of the Specialized Turbo electric bike. It pits the world’s fastest cyclist against what the company calls the world’s fastest electric bike. The two start up the hill, with Sagan furiously pedaling while Joan casually takes the lead with a smile.

“We’re excited to introduce on the Tour de France this unusual product demo featuring two unlikely competitors. Will an electric bike help a grandma beat the world’s fastest cyclist in an uphill, head-to-head race? Let’s see,” said Mike Sinyard, founder and chief executive of Specialized.

Created in partnership with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the campaign will also appear on social media on the Specialized Instagram account.

“Electric bikes are leveling the playing field for the future of cycling. This spot shows that even a grandma could give the champ a run for his money. Now imagine what it could do for those who just want to move around in an even more efficient way,” said Rich Silverstein, co-chairman and founder at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and an avid biker himself.

The campaign was created by the agency and produced by Specialized with the help of director Nicholas Maggio.

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