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Ads We Like: BMW China celebrates reliable everyday heroes in emotional online film

BMW China is celebrating modern day superheroes in an emotional online film 'Wonder Dad' to promote the launch of the BMW X3.

The film, which was created by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, follows a father’s relationship with his son as he faces the pressure of being a reliable father and a successful businessman. The son, unable to understand why his father is always busy with work, imagines his father as a superhero fighting off villains trying to keep him at work.

The film aims to showcase the pressure on China’s middle classes to balance the expectations of modern life and traditional responsibilities as they manage the work and life balance.

The film, which features film stars Mark Zhao and Song Jia, celebrates the spirit of reliability and aims to provide a tribute to modern Chinese achievers, " whose superpower is to always be there for us”. The campaign aims to position the new BMW X3 as a reliable car for reliable people.

Okan Usta, creative director at W+K Shanghai, said, “Reliability is a quality that is often taken for granted, yet we all need that person who is the anchor of stability in our lives. We wanted to make their struggle larger than life by showing it through the wild imagination of a child. It's a universal insight that touches so many lives, including mine as a new father.”

The campaign launched earlier this month to coincide with Father's Day.

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