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Posters, placards, blimps, mariachis and a crop circle: how Brits creatively told Donald Trump to fuck off

Some Trump protest stills

In marketing, the medium is as important as the message. Upon president Donald Trump's cacophonous infiltration of the UK, the public perpetrated an unusual moment of unity, roused into a multi-platform protest – the message was unsurprisingly resolute and unyielding – usually 'Fuck off Trump'.

Cities spanning the land hosted thousands-strong protests against the sitting Potus as the outspoken, former reality star frisked his way through numerous formal gatherings, including an awkward dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May and tea with the Queen.

An exclusive interview with The Sun dropped during Trump’s dinner with May at Chequers, he'd been badmouthing her approach to Brexit. He denies doing so now and has branded the Murdoch-owned tabloid rather predictably as 'fake news'.

At the epicentre of this UK Trump-quake, rather absurdly, is a bloated, diapered, Trump baby blimp, festering in the skies of London. This overly-inflated sleight against Trump forms a country-wide spearhead against him, his administration and his policies.

In particular, brands and agencies have cashed in the visit as a means of earning some cultural credit.

The Trump Baby Blimp

The Drum got down to check out the Trump baby blimp, the symbol of British Trump resistance. The huge media interest in the event has proven that crowdfunding a creative idea can not only work but can build a solid brand for the project in the process.

The campaign has gone so well that there is enough money to fund a second, smaller Trump baby to take flight during the protests.

The Tenth Man Agency

This up-and-coming agency from Paddy Power's former mischief wizard Ken Robertson concocted a weird crop circle stunt that incorporated Russian and UFOs to rather eloquently tell the world 'Fuck Trump'. They admitted it was hard to source a farmer brave enough to tackle Trump.

The Women's Equality Party

Meanwhile, The Women's Equality Party has mounted a campaign saying 'Thank you Trump'. However, the "thank you" is being censored, almost as if they are saying something else?

It looks to highlight how the sexism and misogyny of the President of the United States is proving an effective recruitment tool in converting many thousands of women and men to the cause of feminism and to fight Trump’s attempts to roll back women’s rights.


Now the blimp baby is becoming a brand unto itself, Moonpig stirred up a backlash with a faux Trump baby balloon product. Its parody post touted what would have been a protest essential if they ever entered production.

While the usual boycott calls cropped up that tend to follow brands' foray into the Trump discourse swamp, Moonpig was quite happy to wave goodbye to certain supposed customers.

The Mirror

Trump is on record in the past saying odd and disparaging things about Mexico. That's why the Mirror enlisted a mariachi (or Mirrorachi) band to get under his tan-painted skin.

And the rest

The following video has been circulated on social media to sum up the nation's feelings toward Trump. Media reports note, Trump was not actually in the featured motorcade.

Below is some protest footage from across the UK media landscape.

Finally, it appears German TV has in particular embraced the Trump blimp, replacing Potus with the inflatable in its coverage. ZDF heute-show is to credit.

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