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Gatorade celebrates Serena Williams ‘like a mother’ as she gears up for Wimbledon final

Nodbody disputes that Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players of all time, but in case you needed a reminder that she is preparing for her potential 24th major championship at Wimbledon, less than a year after giving birth, Gatorade has made an inspiring video tribute.

The film, ‘Like a Mother,” shows why Williams’ post-partum journey back to competing at the highest level is an inspiration for all. The tribute highlights some of Williams’ best matches and accomplishments, in all their sweat-filled, hard-fought glory, with a poetic voiceover from her own mother, Oracene Price.

“You sacrificed, like a mother…you created greatness, like a mother,” says Price as video of her daughter slamming home a winner is shown. The video ends with audio of Williams saying to her daughter that her dreams can come true, too.

‘Like a Mother’ is a powerful tribute to the relentless determination that fueled Williams' return to tennis. In it, she shows the world that the spirit of a mother makes her even stronger. This tribute, according to Gatorade, celebrates of the extra gear that fuels mothers everywhere to accomplish the extraordinary every day.

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