‘Game meets glam’: Jordan and Vogue announce landmark women’s-only footwear collaboration

Air Jordan sneakers recieve the ultimate signoff from Vogue EIC Anna Wintour in limited-edition launch / Nike/Jordan Brand

Jordan Brand announced on Twitter today the launch of its first-ever women’s-only collaboration.

In a video promoting the sneaker, called the AWOK (shorthand for Anna Wintour Okay, the affirmative signal to publish a piece for the Conde Nast Imprint), the editor-in-chief and artistic director of Conde Nast was seen draining foul shots from her desk while scrutinizing spreads for a next issue.

Two editions of Jordan Brand sneakers have been launched today, with a third scheduled to arrive in September. Wintour's signature appears on every shoe, and a red 'Edited by Vogue' tag appears with each pair.

An article from Vogue mentioned that a portion of sales will go directly to Vogue magazine. "It’s a match made in fashion heaven," the article said, citing recent fashion houses releasing sneakers for the haute couture crowd.

It added: "Take it from Wintour: There’s something in juxtaposing an elegant rose-print dress, say, with a slick set of high-tops."

This marked its first cross-promotion since announcing a months-long collaboration with Vice late last year, one that had been placed on hold in late February due to a New York Times expose on sexual harrassment claims against the media outlet.

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