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Way To Blue develops app encouraging young women into STEM industries

Way to Blue app Learn Seek Match

Way To Blue’s digital development arm, The Project Factory, has been appointed to design an app for New South Wales Government’s Youth Employment Innovation Challenge aimed at encouraging young women into STEM industries.

The agency - one of 17 partners appointed - has been charged with delivering Learn Seek Match by the end of a 12-week incubation period. The free app will have a supporting web-based platform that targets teen and early twenties women who are unemployed and not undergoing any academic or apprentice training. The aim of the platform is to bring confidence, real life experience and skills that can be applied within the STEM industries.

The campaign will be led by Way To Blue’s managing director Katherine Robinson and producer Emma Grundy. Robinson said: “The disparity of confidence and general understanding displayed between young men and women towards STEM based roles should not exist. We hope to offer opportunity to young girls who may not otherwise consider this field. The end goal for the platform is to place these girls into apprenticeships, internships or entry level jobs.

Adam Rubins, CEO, Way To Blue, added: “It is up to all local businesses within these fields to champion change and to create greater opportunities to encourage a more balanced playing field.”

The incubation period will culminate with a Showcase Event presenting to the NSW Government and relevant stakeholders on 30 August.

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