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Trivago Woman benched for a vampire in campaign cashing in on her notoriety

Trivago replaces the Trivago Woman with a bloodsucking vampire

Trivago has replaced the Trivago women with a blood-sucking vampire in a series of ads running in the London underground.

Making good on the Trivago Women's notoriety, which Dave Buonaguidico-founder of St Luke's and Karmarama skewered the brand for, an out-of-home campaign has replaced Gabrielle Miller with a vampire.

The work probably opens up the brand to some jokes and social engagement around the "omnipresent" mascot, tying into Sony's up-and-coming Hotel Transylvania 3.

Members of the public may be surprised to see that there is a new figure saturated through their tube stops - for the time being at least. It shows how Trivago has monetised an infamous and insistant ad buy that - one way or another - has provoked a response from the public.

Acknowledging the move, Hannah Wickes, Trivago’s head of UK & Ireland, said: “With summer vacations just around the corner, Sony Pictures is paying homage to trivago’s advertising to tease the release of Hotel Transylvania 3 – we do hope that the presence of Count Dracula on London’s tubes and buses will help families making last minute bookings avoid a monster bill.”

Miller added: "It is an honour to share the limelight with a count."

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