Traditional media holds strong even as use of digital media continues to grow in India

Indians will spend four hours, 34 minutes each day watching, streaming, reading and listening to media in 2018 as a result of growing use of digital media, according to eMarketer.

The report further states that by 2020, the total time will reach up to five hours, 10 minutes. Meanwhile,TV will command a 56.9% share of media time among the adult population overall, equating to two hours, 36 minutes daily.

Despite low smartphone penetration (29.1% of adult population) overall in India, smartphone users will spend two hours, 39 minutes daily with their handsets in 2018.

Christopher Bendtsen, senior forecasting analyst at eMarketer said: “As TV and digital time spent continue to rise in India, neither are growing at the expense of other traditional outlets [print and radio].

"The gains are all additive, meaning the appetite for entertainment and media is expanding, especially among those who gain access to TV or mobile internet for the first time.”