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Microsoft and InMobi agree strategic global partnership

Microsoft and InMobi agree strategic deal

InMobi has moved its service to Microsoft Azure, sparking a strategic partnership between the two targeted at ‘new-age’ chief marketing officers.

According to the announcement, the first phase will see InMobi expand its cloud marketing services via Microsoft Azure, but will later see the two collaborate on technology and a go-to-market approach.

The two businesses see a future in using InMobi’s Advertising and Marketing Cloud capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the back of the global Azure infrastructure, to build services including AI, machine learning and analytics.

Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft, said: “As digital technology is transforming every industry and every aspect of our lives, companies are seeking new ways to engage customers where they are, with connected, personalized experiences. The combination of Microsoft Azure with InMobi’s marketing platforms will deliver new intelligent customer experiences and business insights to organizations around the world.”

According to InMobi, a key part of the deal was Microsoft’s geographical dominance as a cloud provider, meaning the two businesses can take the transformation story to a wider set of markets.

Naveen Tewari, founder and chief executive of InMobi, added: “InMobi is building one of the most advanced enterprise platforms for marketers, and we’re extremely excited to partner with Microsoft as we dive into the next frontier of connected devices. With Microsoft’s global reach and advanced security, privacy and compliance, alongside InMobi’s scale and decade-long experience in mobile-first technology, we can truly disrupt the marketing ecosystem.

"Together, Microsoft and InMobi will create a formidable force in the industry.”

InMobi will launch its new marketing cloud across its markets sequentially over the next six months, according to the business.

The news follows other advertising and martech announcements this week as AT&T confirmed a deal to buy AppNexus, and OpenX announced further investment into Asia.