Ready yourself for the robot reckoning at The Drum's Off Stone Briefing

The Drum's next Off Stone Briefing will take place on 17 July.

What do you plan to do all day when the robots inevitably come for your job? It might be worth considering retraining as an autonomous vehicle ethicist, or a robot whisperer, or a chief augmentation officer, an end of life planner, offworld governor or one of the many jobs that don't yet exist but probably will. No really, we're serious.

In the August issue of The Drum magazine we're taking a look at the future of work, finding out what roles will go the way of AI, what our kids will do for a living, what it's like to build the machines that will replace you.

We'll be considering what the agency of the future looks like, what the marketer of the future looks like, and – perhaps appropriately – what the future of unemployment looks like. And, we’ll be comparing working culture around the globe as we follow agency founders in London, São Paulo, New Delhi, Singapore and New York for the day.

And, to launch the issue, we have the head of Slack UK Stuart Templeton, the futurist Amelia Kallman, Konica Minolta's executive creative director Richard Norton, Microsoft's commercial marketing director Helen Tupper and Fawnbrake Collective founder Amelia Torode joining us at The Drum's London office for a discussion on the future of work and how we can all prepare for it.

So drop by our office on 17 July and join us, our writers, contributors and interviewees for a laid-back morning discussing the new magazine, sharing ideas and networking.

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