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Dutch digital agency CLEVER°FRANKE was asked by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) to redefine its Mashrooi app. To make it the most advanced, powerful tool for information about real estate projects in Dubai. This Dutch Digital Design case study is a perfect example of down-to-earth, clean Dutch design and clever functionality.


A staggering number of buildings are currently under development in Dubai, adding new silhouettes to its iconic skyline every few months. In fact, over 1,000 high rises are currently under construction - accounting for $100 billion in investment and 22% of Dubai’s economy. Therefore, keeping track of on-going and future developments in this rapidly growing market is not easy.

Augmented reality

The DLD developed an interactive multi-platform application that would help investors and developers track the progress of real estate projects in the Emirate. However, with Dubai’s aim to be one of the ‘smartest’ cities in the world, the DLD invited CLEVER°FRANKE to re-define, re-design and re-develop the existing app. Using the agency’s expertise in data driven experiences and visualisation, they turned it into an easy-to-use, feature-rich, state-of-the-art application.


The overall strategy was to better inform users, enabling them to explore all real estate projects, and making it accessible in more ways than before, giving users the opportunity to use the app more often, and across multiple devices. But to also improve the DLD’s image, showcasing Dubai as THE smart city of the future.

The agency analysed a number of real-estate applications and platforms to determine what was already available in the sector, to achieve the best and most coherent user experience. With these findings, CLEVER°FRANKE explored different methods to visualise and experience the future of real estate in Dubai.

Alternative view of Dubai


To reflect the vision of Dubai as the Smart City of the Future, they looked into how the city may evolve and what technologies would be most useful in the near future, adding new features that would benefit both developers and investors. For example, trends that provide insights into the development of particular areas, Augmented Reality, drone fly-overs and live feeds. All enhancing and enriching the user experience.

Mashroi app

With regards to the design of the app, the agency incorporated signature aspects of Dubai into the design, as Dubai’s beauty lies within its culture, unique surroundings and architecture, confirming Dubai’s sense of futurism. The lattice of buildings and landscape can be seen throughout the app.


The Mashrooi app was unveiled during GITEX technology fair in Dubai 2017, and simultaneously launched on both Apple and Google app stores. It has already won numerous awards, including Bronze, European Design Awards 2018 - Mobile apps, and FWA of the Day, the FWA.

Mashrooi app

According to Majida Ali Rashid, Assistant Director General (Dubai Land Department): “The platform provides users with a much clearer picture of what stage a project is at, even if the investor is on the other side of the world. This removes a great deal of uncertainty and builds a very strong bond of trust and transparency between investors and developers.”

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