Intermarketing Agency appoints Cuzziol as director of CRM

Gianfranco Cuzziol, director of CRM, Intermarketing Agency

Intermarketing Agency has appointed Gianfranco Cuzziol as director of CRM to further develop the company’s data and CRM capabilities, joining from digital transformation agency Zone Digital.

Cuzziol has over 20 years in roles both agency and client side, working with brands including Disney, BMW and BT TV and Sport.

“My first few weeks here has shown me how creative this agency is. There is a real opportunity for us on behalf of our clients to really push the data and creativity combination to connect brands and their customers,” said Cuzziol.

He continued: ’’CRM is an often-misused term. For an agency like Intermarketing, working with brands and connecting them with customers in both the physical and digital world, data and technology can play a part alongside understanding the customer journey and delivering an enhanced customer experience. In the retail space where we have an ever-increasing depth of capability in delivering customer experiences, our challenge is to help brands show the return they are getting for every brand/customer interaction.”

Nickii Gray, Intermarketing’s managing partner, said: “We are thrilled to have Gian and his expertise on board. At Intermarketing Agency we are focused on ways we can enhance the ‘long’ customer journey we are increasingly seeing; giving customers what they want, when they want it and how they want it, which for us is the real meaning of CRM. With Gian we will continue to look at how we can better use data and technology (as slaves not masters) to drive meaningful engagement with customers, and importantly find ways to measure the return brands are getting on those interactions.”

Cuzziol helped to co-ordinate Intermarketing Agency’s most recent ‘Tap’ panel event, examining how experience is disrupting retail.

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