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Cannes Lions of the Day: JohnXHannes NY wins Grand Prix Health & Wellness for Corazon

Corazon wins the Cannes Lions Health & Wellness Grand Prix

Corazón, a powerful and emotional film based on a real-life doctor-patient story, has won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Health & Wellness award.

The film, presented by Montefiore and produced by Serial Pictures and JohnXHannes New York, is part of 'Give Your Heart,' an integrated marketing campaign created by JohnXHannes NY to bring awareness to the real need for organ donors.

The fully integrated campaign featured film, app, outdoor installations and billboards.

The motivation for Corazón was the many patients on waiting lists in the US, with simply not enough organs to meet their needs. April was National Donate Life Month and Montefiore Health System, in partnership with Donate Life America launched #GiveYourHeart to get more donors.

JohnXHannes NY and Active Theory developed an interactive way to become an organ donor by simply holding your mobile phone up to your heart. Your phone connects your heartbeat to the website,, and to a digital Times Square billboard, among other placements, where actress Ana de Armas comes to life in movie posters, awakened by your heartbeat. Audiences leaving the theaters directly after the screenings were also given an opportunity to register as organ donors.

Corazón was developed by JohnXHannes NY and John Hillcoat with writer Kelley Sane after months of research with skilled surgeons, passionate doctors and brave patients, and it begs one question: How far would you go to save a life? It shows Montefiore’s commitment to world-class healthcare for all. The film also features a real heart surgery performed by Montefiore’s Dr. Daniel Goldstein.

“Working with Montefiore was illuminating and humbling,” said John McKelvey, co-founder and executive creative director at JohnXHannes NY. “They really care, and it was so positive to see the level of passion and skill that they devote to helping people. With immigration and social justice such important topics, everyone on the film rallied behind a story of compassion in this time of division.”

Corazón is another example of creative startup JohnXHannes NY’s work at the intersection of entertainment and advertising. The agency won multiple awards including an Emmy for its Super Bowl campaign featuring John Malkovich.

“Importantly, Corazón was always entertainment first,” said Hannes Ciatti, co-founder and executive director of JohnXHannes NY. “But by telling one woman’s true story, we were also able to seamlessly show the audience what Montefiore stands for. Corazón​ asks viewers to not only care, but also use the simple tool we provide to become part of a real solution. To become an organ donor. ​Corazón​ isn’t just a film. It’s a complete effort, created to make a difference.”

To view elements of the winning campaign, click on the Creative Works box below, and view more creative coverage of Cannes Lions by The Drum here.

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