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Busch recruits entire town to inform family that their dad just wants beer for Father’s Day

Busch beer has taken over an entire town in upstate New York to drive a message home that one dad just wants Busch beer for Father’s Day.

In a short film, Busch shows that it will no longer stand idly by as hard-working, loyal dads are inundated with the bad, the weird and the unwanted gifts usually associated with Father’s Day, like ties, goofy hats and other half-hearted efforts. All Dad wants for Father’s Day is an ice-cold beer with his family, and Busch is helping to spread the word.

The film then introduces Joe Gray: father of three and resident of Cherry Valley, New York. While he appreciates the effort his family goes to each year for Father’s Day, all he really wants is to crack open his favorite ice-cold beer and relax. So, Busch lobbied and campaigned in Cherry Valley to make sure that’s exactly what happened.

The brand, with the help of Deutsch NY, outfitted buildings, store-fronts and streets with signs to remind Gray’s family to do their dad right this year and get that guy some Busch. There are yard signs pleading with his sons to get their father Busch, plus cross-street banners, signs on the side of buildings, and even table tents at the diner. Interviews with locals, including the pastor, confirm that yes, Joe Gray does want beer for Father’s Day.

“The whole town rallying around Joe getting his Father’s Day wish was amazing to see and the look on his wife’s face after seeing Main Street says it all,” said Dan Kelleher, chief creative officer at Deutsch NY.

Sr. director value brands at Anheuser-Busch, Daniel Blake, said: “Joe embodies everything Busch stands for; he’s loyal, hard-working and dedicated to his family. Fathers like Joe deserve the best possible gift on their special day – we just wanted to point his family in the right direction so that they could show Joe how much he means to them.”

Mr. Gray replied: “Sure, I love beer. Thanks Busch.”

Busch wants to give the gift of beer to more dads than just Joe – readers can nominate their dad this Father’s Day for a chance to receive a truly special treat from Busch. All they have to do is share the video of Joe before June 17 with the hashtag #BuschFathersDay, and Busch will pay a surprise visit to one lucky dad later this year.

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