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Put your MarTech vendor in the hot seat

Put your MarTech vendor in the hot seat

Last year we saw the return of Blade Runner, the neo-noir science fiction classic, centred on a man versus machine dichotomy.

The battle between man and machine has been a pop-culture favourite for quite some time. Yet, is it hard to believe that, now, in our own reality far removed from fictional realms - man and machine are allies?

Over recent years, the landscape of marketing technology vendors has thickened, opening up opportunities for marketers to strengthen their marketing capabilities, amalgamating the best aspects of biological intelligence, with the power of digital intelligence. The software platforms that everyone is talking about is marketing automation, designed to ease the pain of coordinating marketing across multiple channels, with increasing numbers of marketers leveraging its power to refine, target and optimise program initiatives, including customising content and automating communications.

The closer marketers get to the needs and expectations of their customers, across all phases of the buying process, the better the marketing. Nothing shatter’s a customer’s confidence than thinking you don’t know who they are. Manually executing marketing can be akin to bumping into an old acquaintance in the street, and falling into the common social gaffe of name forget. With a marketing automation system, you wouldn’t only remember their name, but you would also remember to ask how Aunt Paula’s Carol is doing in her GCSEs.

Working in collaboration with tech empowers marketers to improve their knowledge of buying behaviour, making it easier for them to know what makes their customers tick. Although implementing a marketing automation system doesn’t require an IT degree, we understand that setting one up may be quite daunting. For this reason, we’re here to help, with a set of questions you must ask your potential marketing automation vendor. Follow our lead, and you’ll soon be executing and achieving more refined marketing.

Questions to ask a potential marketing automation vendor:

- How easy is it to change my campaigns once they are set up?

- How does dynamic content work in my emails, landing pages, and forms?

- How flexible are the lead scoring models?

- What are the more common apps that customers use to extend their system?

If you would like to find out more about marketing automation vendors and other marketing technology systems, download your free copy of ‘The Guide to Building Your Marketing Stack,’ in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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