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DOOH and the future of commuter storytelling: what is the next phase?

The digitisation of out of home (OOH) continues at breakneck speed, providing huge opportunities to brands for reaching a hyper-connected urban audience. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is transforming the way marketers communicate with consumers on-the-go, not just with the availability of data but also a creative potential. And as commuters spend lengthier times in the back of cabs – how can marketers use the DOOH experience to capitalize on this opportunity?

Most passengers pass the time by browsing the internet on their phones or chatting with their friends. But for Grace Lai, AVP of digital and marketing at Moove Media, brands can get passengers to interact with them instead, through the form of entertainment tablets on the back of a taxi seat.

Speaking from the back of a cab in Singapore, she says: “Intelligent digital out-of-home (IDOOH) gives brands an opportunity to transform the passenger-ride experience with new storytelling formats such as interactive ads, tailored content and personalised messaging.”

She continues: “Brands can use contextual information such as weather, location and geo-targeting to serve ads in real-time to passengers, integrating their entire environment in their experience.”

Watch the full video above as Lai showcases a Burger King game on the interactive screen, showing how fast-food chains are increasingly utilising these screens to create engaging and fun experiences for consumers on their journeys.

The Drum also caught up with IDOOH Asia's CEO, Mark Forsyth to get his thoughts on the future of commuter storytelling and what marketers can be doing better. Watch his full interview below.

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