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Ad of the Day: Brazilian home decor store reproduces classic paintings in ‘Do It Yourself’ campaign

Viewing the works of famed artists like Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet is a rare treat for museum goers, but Brazilian home store Etna has made real-life replicas of some of the classics, which it implies are available to any customer with a good design aesthetic.

The campaign, ‘Do it Yourself,’ by Brazilian agency Artplan, reproduces noted Impressionist paintings in print ads for the store.

The ads recreate the original masterpieces, using objects that can be bought at Etna to compose similar scenarios, including flowers, vases and other home décor items. The brand shows the comparison of prices between the piece of art and the setting assembled by the store, highlighting the variety and easy access to Etna products.

The project consists of three ads with representations of the paintings ‘Roses’ by Van Gogh, Renoir's ‘Le Bouquet’ and Monet's ‘Chrysanthèmes Vase’. A behind-the-scenes video shows how the Artplan artists meticulously put together the recreations to impressive near exact representations of the originals.

See all the recreations and the behind-the-scenes video by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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