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US Creative Work of the Week: Missouri Lottery shrinks adventure destinations

Missouri Lottery's Little Taste of Big Adventure selected as the US Creative Work of the Week

The Missouri Lottery wanted to promote its big adventure travel prizes, but instead of going big, they took the big and went small.

Kansas-City based creative agency Barkley shrunk great adventure destinations and put dogs and other pets in costume to cutely recreate these destinations. A crocodile goat, an elephant pig, and a moose mini horse that wouldn't stop eating the set are just a few of the cast of characters in the campaign.

Barkley constructed miniature sets of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, the Australian Outback, and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming that were staged in towns and cities across Missouri. The stunts were done to give Missouri Lottery players a little taste of the big adventure trips they can win this summer from the second chance drawing.

Due to the Midwest’s lack of exotic animals under two feet tall, Barkley had to rely on clever casting and costuming that was not without its challenges: the buffalo pugs marked their territory all over Yellowstone’s geyser; herding guinea pigs in zebra costumes is as hard as it sounds; and the chihuahua could not be contained from eating the shrimp on the barbie — which were plastic.

For its inherent cuteness and inventive nature on a budget, our readers voted it the US Creative Work of the Week. To view the spots, click on the Creative Works box below.

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