PubMatic forms targeted programmatic marketplace with Publicis in Asia Pacific

Both companies claim that having a targeted PMP will address many of the limitations of traditional PMPs have.

PubMatic and Publicis Media have collaborated to form a targeted programmatic private marketplace for marketers in Asia Pacific.

With the upcoming Fifa World Cup 2018 in mind, the partnership is aimed at marketers who are keen to tap into sports audience segments across PubMatic’s Asia and global publishers, as well as have access to Publicis’ premium inventory and data solutions.

Both companies claim that having a targeted PMP will address many of the limitations traditional PMPs have, like scale and time, by providing advertisers with higher transparency and more efficient workflows, and consistently performing PMP deals across multiple publishers.

This will allow the pre-planning of a PMP campaign as there will be easy access to visibility into audience reach and impression, and allow deal troubleshooting.

“As brand spend increasingly shifts to programmatic, we have seen buyers like Publicis Media demand more sophisticated PMPs with increased capabilities without having to choose between quality or scale,” said Jason Barnes, chief revenue officer for APAC at PubMatic.

“PubMatic created Targeted PMPs to address these buyer pain points and evolve the PMP landscape. We’re excited about this exclusive launch partnership with Publicis Media.”

PubMatic announced a global supply path optimisation (SPO) partnership with fellow adtech firm Sizmek in April to answer advertisers' transparency call.

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