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Mitsubishi enlists freestyle rapper Harry Mack to explain features to test drivers

Going for a test drive at a dealership gives you an insight and feel for your new vehicle, but when that test drive comes with a rapper to rhyme the features of your car, that's going above and beyond. That's what Mitsibushi did in a new spot for the Eclipse Cross.

In the spot, 'Freestyle Test Drive,' we see several people getting into a car and going for a test drive with someone who appears to be a car salesman. The salesman then turns up some beats and starts freestyling about the various features on the new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The faux salesman turns out to be freestyle rapper Harry Mack.

"Futuristic super all-wheel control, three modes so you can tackle street, gravel and snow," raps Mack to a series of customers, all of whom seem to dig his rhymes.

The work is a continuation of the Eclipse Cross launch campaign by BSSP, and ties into Mitsubishi’s historical association with music. The work will appear on social and digital properties.

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