Vitamin Stree ad shows how a patriarchal society has adversely affected men's psych

Social content YouTube channel Vitamin Stree, created by Supari Studio, in its series 'Gender Conditioning' explains how patriarchy negatively affects men.

The video titled 'How to be a man?' talks about how men while growing up are subjected to statements like “be a man", "boys don’t cry", "don’t be a girl” in not just real life but reel (TV, movies, songs etc.) life as well.

This coerces them from a very young age to believe that masculinity is more important than being kind and showcasing emotions.

Tara Kapur, head, Vitamin Stree, said: "Vitamin Stree's series 'Scratching The Surface' explores various topics around gender, relationships, beauty, health, and other areas of interest for young men and women. Our latest video 'How To Be a Man' looks at patriarchy and toxic masculinity and how it impacts men.

"From a very long age, men are subjected to lines like 'Boys Don't Cry', and 'Be a Man', which create really strong gender stereotypes. It causes men to suppress their emotions, puts pressure on them to be strong, and encourages violent behavior. Given that gender conditioning and stereotyping usually begin at an early age - we decided to visually represent this piece with imagery reminiscent of a childhood and school."

The campaign taps into Getty's 2018 visual trend 'masculinity undone' which track the trends that might liberate men from long-established visual stereotypes.

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