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Stop the discontent with your content

No to bad content

Audiences are sick and tired of seeing shedloads of the same material over and over again. Fact.

According to Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, where content marketing is concerned, yes, *shock* - “More is not better. Better is better.”

They are sick of being forced to gorge at the stodgy all-you-can-eat content buffet when all they really want is digestible copy that exposes them to new concepts and ideas.

Content is the fuel for all marketing initiatives, and there are all sorts of benefits for modern marketers if they learn how to effectively leverage new content across distribution channels. Not only will this help differentiate their brand as a thought leader, but it will also help them gain their audience's trust and loyalty.

Just creating new and compelling copy will get the message to the target audience eventually, but by catching a lift from a strategic tech platform, the message will arrive far smoother and quicker, with greater impact. But, as Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions advises, there is no point riding on the platform if the content being delivered is poor, because “good technology will make it suck faster and to more people.” Instead, Tim Riesterer feels “a marketer’s priority should be strong messaging, delivered by cutting-edge technology. Open ecosystems help marketers remove technology innovation obstacles in order to focus on what matters most: engaging customers.”

With the plethora of tech vendor's out there, and conflicting channels of guidance, here are a few things you should avoid when implementing your content marketing system.

- Don’t deploy a marketing automation platform without enough relevant content to support the various audience segments. This will make it impossible to capitalise on investment.

- Don’t separate your content marketing system from the rest of the marketing stack. Keeping them separate will result in duplicate workflows and no central view of content. It will also make it impossible for marketing teams to work together in a way that supports timely and relevant experiences for their customers and prospects.

- Don’t implement a social strategy without engaging posts to share across social channels, as this will be ineffective.

To find out how to successfully plan, produce and deliver content in context, using a content marketing system, download your free copy of ‘The Guide to Building your Marketing Technology Stack’ now. The guide is packed with golden nuggets of tech wisdom and will chaperone you and your company throughout your digital transformation journey towards ultimate success.

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